Full, lawful residential user rights existed when I bought my bungalow in 1984

The purchase was made in the usual way, employing the services of a local estate agent and a solicitor who carried out all the necessary searches and enquiries.

  • Selling Agents: James B. Terson & Son.
  • Vendor’s solicitor: Peter W. Sherred, Stilwell & Harby, Dover.
  • Purchaser’s solicitor: Jeremy R. Garner, Stilwell & Harby, Dover.
  • Search completed, signed and dated 21 May 1984 by Lesley Cumberland, Director of Legal and Administrative Services of Dover District Council.
  • Land Registry Title Number K257271. Tunbridge Wells Office.
  • Parish council: Lydden.
  • DDC Rating department, Reference number 04 135/6.

I first saw ‘The Bungalow’, as it was then called, advertised with James B. Terson & Son, Estate Agents, in April 1984. It was a small timber framed bungalow, typical of many others in the area, although most of them have now been replaced by much larger brick built properties. It was described as:

‘The Bungalow’, Warren Lane, Lydden, Nr Dover

A detached timber and corrugated bungalow with 1/3 acre.

Situated in this very rural position about 1 mile from the village of Lydden, approached along a picturesque country lane and situated on the left hand side of the road just past a property called “Little London”

Comprising a detached timber and corrugated bungalow with 6 rooms including bathroom and kitchen.

We believe that the property has a registered title and that the total area of ground amounts to approximately 1/3 acre. The frontage to Warren Lane is about 220 feet. It is triangular in shape. There is a cesspool on site and a well……etc

Rateable Value: £64.00

Price: Offers invited

Viewing: Keys with the Agents as above

The windows are boarded up and therefore it is necessary to take a torch.

I made an appointment with Tersons to view the bungalow and was met at the property by a lady who had the door keys to let me in and show me around. The lady explained that she didn’t actually work for Tersons but worked for another agent nearby and had been asked to show me around because she lived in the house opposite the bungalow and that arrangement was more convenient for the agent.

I agreed to purchase the bungalow and Tersons recommended a local firm of Solicitors, Stilwell & Harby, to act for me. It transpired that Stilwell & Harby were also acting for the vendor, Miss Dickinson, but they explained that was in order as long as two separate solicitors were involved in the transaction.

The two solicitors responsible were Jeremy R. Garner, who acted for me, and Peter W. Sherred, who acted for Miss Dickinson.

Mr Garner carried out all the usual searches including the Enquiries of District Councils, which was completed, signed and dated 21 May 1984 by Lesley Cumberland, Director of Legal and Administrative Services of Dover District Council.

All references to the Public Health Act, Town & Country Planning Act and General Development Order, relating to permitted-development, were answered in the affirmative and at this time the Council’s legal department ratified the existing, long-standing residential use.

As the solicitor acting for the vendor, Peter W. Sherred knows, the bungalow possessed full title and was in lawful residential use at the time the sale was completed. Peter W. Sherred was an experienced solicitor in public law and residential property conveyance, particularly so as before being employed at Stilwell & Harby, he was a solicitor with Dover District Council’s legal department.

The purchase of my bungalow was completed on the 15th June 1984 and Stilwell & Harby issued an invoice for charges for approving and completing contract, investigating title, preparing and completing Transfer on the purchase of my property, preparing and completing certified copy documents in respect of the registration of title under the Land Registration Act, Local Search fees and Land Charge search fee.  I was entirely satisfied with the service provided by Mr Garner.

Soon after moving in we changed its name to ‘The Oaks’ because of the fine mature English Oaks situated in the garden.