Nadeem Aziz

Nadeem Aziz the Chief Executive of Dover District Council is a dishonest scum bag devoid of any integrity whatsoever, and it beggars belief how he is able to stay in his privileged position, with its inflated salary of approaching £200,000 per annum. He ‘earns’ more than five times the average UK salary, and was given the country’s 10th highest sum in benefits and expenses. No surprise he struts around with a permanent smirk on his face.

When he opened the investigation into my case he made it clear that I would have to abide by the findings of his personally chosen investigator and there would be no further recourse for my complaints. What he didn’t say was that he would not abide by his investigators findings. Unfortunately for him the investigator that looked into my case was a man of integrity and severely exposed the Council, finding them guilty on numerous counts of maladministration with injustice.